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What is The Honoring?

It is an experience we go through together as photographer and subject.


It begins with a conversation (and hopefully coffee and a pastry of some kind) where we delve into the most important part of the experience: you. I have questions that I ask everybody I work with. Those questions turn into a conversation that will ultimately guide the energy and content of our (collaborative) shoot.


To be a little more specific, our conversation might tell us that we need to shoot in a studio, vs shooting in the comfort of your own home. We might live in the shadows of a space, wrestling in a place of ambiguity and hope, or completely bathe you in light fabrics in the sunshine for you to prance about in. You might just need to sit in a chair and sip something sweet whilst pouring over an old journal. It depends on who you are. What it feels like to be you. What is currently on your mind and heart.


It is my pleasure and deeply committed calling to receive you, and to honor what I receive through the skills I have as a portrait artist.


I have found that people usually want to shoot with me at specific points in their life:


  • When you are making a big change, headed in a direction that you want to celebrate.

  • Life is confusing and muddled and you are wondering who the heck you are. I don’t have answers. But my images can act as a mirror.

  • You need images that “feel like you” for your social media presence.

  • You’re curious and want to see what this Honoring experience is all about.


If you’re interested and want to learn more, I invite you to get in touch with me. Fill out this questionnaire to begin the conversation:

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3 sessions for you to choose from :-)

"The Honoring" session: $750
The big kahuna. This is a session for actors, artists, creative couples, you name it. It is to capture who you are creatively in a deep, often symbolic way. This session requires a consultation beforehand. Our conversation will guide what we end up doing in the shoot. I also provide an original watercolor rendering inspired by our experience together. In essence, I am using all the different skills I have to truly honor you. At least 35 edited images of my choosing.

Mini "Honoring" : $350

This is a highly personalized shoot and centers on who you are as a person. We take elements of both the Headshot and Honoring sessions and put them in one. 2 headshots of your choosing, and 5 distinct, creative/lifestyle images of my choosing. 

Headshot session: $250

I love working with actors. I am an actor! So I understand the importance of having a good headshot. This session is an exploration and celebration of how dynamic you are as an actor, and as a person. It's not a typical in and out shoot. This shoot gets you 3 distinct edited photos of your choosing. 

I hope to chat with you soon. All my best,



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