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Thanks for your submission. Cam will be in touch soon. 

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Book a Session

At this point, we're doing things the old fashioned way:

1. Decide which shoot you'd like (see below)


2. Call Cam at (208)-403-4337, or by email if you prefer at

3. We will have a nice little chat and schedule the shoot together. 

4. Be ready to venmo @camfrontain for your session to secure your spot. 

5. Cam will email you a receipt and off we'll go!

3 sessions for you to choose from :-)

"The Honoring" session: $750
The big kahuna. This is a session for actors, artists, creative couples, you name it. It is to capture who you are creatively in a deep, often symbolic way. This session requires a consultation beforehand. Our conversation will guide what we end up doing in the shoot. I also provide an original watercolor rendering inspired by our experience together. In essence, I am using all the different skills I have to truly honor you. At least 35 edited images of my choosing.

Mini "Honoring" : $350

This is a highly personalized shoot and centers on who you are as a person. We take elements of both the Headshot and Honoring sessions and put them in one. 2 headshots of your choosing, and 5 distinct, creative/lifestyle images of my choosing. 

Headshot session: $250

I love working with actors. I am an actor! So I understand the importance of having a good headshot. This session is an exploration and celebration of how dynamic you are as an actor, and as a person. It's not a typical in and out shoot. This shoot gets you 3 distinct edited photos of your choosing. 

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