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I was born into a family of artists.  

Growing up, I wanted early on to discover my passions, and so I let curiosity sweep me up and toss me where it willed. As a result, today I practice acting, writing, educating, theatre design, watercolor, ceramics, guitar, and absolutely, photography. Some of my favorite years were spent in England where I pursued my love of art for two years. In May of 2022, I graduated with an MFA in Acting from SMU. I am now finishing my time as a teacher in Smolyan, Bulgaria on a Fulbright ETA Grant. Soon I will set up shop in Chicago, a city I have long been drawn to. 


As a photographer trained in acting, and as an educator with an emphasis on creative process, I am here to facilitate a journey. I'm here to tell and capture stories. I want to fearlessly examine who you are, and draw out the spark of timeless wisdom and beauty that lies within each of us. The process by which I do this has a name: The Honoring. 

If you do a session with me, it may be because you're an actor in search of unique
 head shots, or creative lifestyle images that capture this particular time of your life. You may be an artist who despite your ability to capture others, may want to be creatively and honestly captured yourself.


Or you may be like me, someone driven by curiosity and passion who wants to be open, honest, and awake even as I fall and fail every day. It is my life's work to use my skills as an actor, photographer, and educator to collaborate and empower other beings to live their wholehearted truth. If I can capture a bit of that truth, it is my Honor to do so. Living in the process of the Honoring is where I live in my Element.

I don't sound nearly this serious in person, I promise. 

Reach out! I'm always up for a chat,

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